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Murray L Britton

Arkansas Roofing Kompany
Attn: Debbie/Tim Goodwin
1820 Old Morrilton HWY
Conway, AR 72032


I generally do not write letters to businesses complimenting them, as I expect good service and quality products/work without question. However, the service I received from Arkansas Roofing Kompany was far and above what I expected and I wanted to send you my compliments.

As result of the April 2011 tornado that tore through Vilonia many homes were damaged, some extensively or completely destroyed. My house sustained moderate damage to the roofing and siding, with attic insulation being sucked out. While, by the grace of God, I was able to live in my house and nobody was hurt, I was left dealing with the after effects of the disaster with limited knowledge where to begin.

I called a number of supposedly reputable roofing and siding companies. Because the insurance adjuster first indicated my roof only needed some minor patching (inspector never mounted the roof for inspection), and the siding requiring replacement was fairly minimal (my house is brick veneer with siding only on the upper attic area) I could not get contractors interested in repairing my home. I had a couple come out and inspect the damage, however never even received a call back from them. Let me state that while I expected to wait until those homes with more substantial damage were serviced; I expected at least the courtesy of a call and a tentative schedule for repair.

I noted your company while doing research on the web. Admittedly as a last resort (I had not heard of your company before) I called. I explained my frustration, and was immediately impressed with the response that Arkansas Roofing Kompany would not ignore me, and would tell me straight out if they were interested or not.

Within a day, you folks were out inspecting the damage. As I suspected more damage on the roof was found, including places where the decking had been lifted and set back down, torn shingles, damaged turbine, etc.

Taking your advice, I had the inspector come back out and meet with your folks. My son indicated that the inspector had an attitude right from the start, but Tim managed to get him to inspect the roof more thoroughly. At that time, the inspector authorized only replacing the back portion of my roof. You suggested I have the inspector’s supervisor come out, however by that time I was very frustrated and just wanted to get the work completed.

Arkansas Roofing Kompany personnel actually cared about my plight and worked with me to figure how to get a much needed new roof. Because my damaged roof was less than 18 months old, we decided to overlay it. However I suspect that Arkansas Roofing Kompany cut their profit margin to help me out. For the price I got the new roof, with a 30 year warranty, the company had to reduce its normal profit margin. Arkansas Roofing Kompany also took care of the siding and insulation, all was done with great workmanship and at a very reasonable price.

The reason I have spent so much time on the background and your company’s attitude is simply because it meant so much to me. Struggling through a disaster, you folks were the only company that was on the ball, explained everything to me, and made me feel in control of the situation. Your attitude actually meant more to me than the quality or timeliness of the work.

HOWEVER, it would not be appropriate for me to end this letter without a word about the quality and value of your workmanship. My opinion of the initial quality of work is a 10. You folks not only replaced my roof with an upgrade, you also installed ridge vents so that my home would look better than it did before the tornado (and it does look better). There were NO nails or other debris left from the roofing project, no damage to my eves or pool equipment, and the crew was professional without the behavior you sometimes see in contractors (I did not need to remove my kids from the area because if language, actions, etc.) . The siding and soffit was replaced expertly; it looks as if there had never been a disaster. Insulation again was completed with professionalism. There was no debris for me to clean up from either the siding or insulation.

The value, monetarily, is more than I expected, and you helped me stay within the insurance settlement. However the value of your helpfulness and communication with me (and I know I was ‘pesky asking questions) far outweighs the monetary value. Debbie I know I e-mailed or called you many times and you were always pleasant and happy to take my calls and e-mailed me back within a few hours each time. This meant so much to me and my son.

To sum it up, thank you for helping me recover from the disaster, your great service and work. I can only wish your company did more types of minor repairs, but I will be calling you first whenever I need work done on my house in the hopes that I can contract with you again.

Again thank you.

Murray L Britton